The Girlfriend Activation System Review – Be Her Obsession Story

I first came across the Girlfriend Activation System after watching this 30 minute video by Christian Hudson. I have to say that the concept behind the system completely blew me away. So wanting to know more, I had to get the program and try it for myself.

Now, no matter what your situation, if you want to enjoy increased success with women, you must read this post to the end.

I’m not gonna write a book here, but merely answer the basic questions that most guys out there are probably wondering about. If you want to read an in-depth Girlfriend Activation System review visit this web page.

What Is The Girlfriend Activation System?

In a nutshell, the Girlfriend Activation System is a video based training program for men that focuses on teaching men to become the type of guy women are attracted to. GFAS is far more than just a guide to what pick up lines to use or the latest trick to get a woman in to bed. The System is about building confidence and improving your communication skills to become a high value man that women WANT to be with.

First I should say though that PERSONALLY I think this is the one of the best PUA programs ever (although Christian doesn’t call himself any sort of PUA) And it is also probably the best program for getting a great girlfriend that I’ve ever seen. But before I go hog-wild telling you why I think it’s such a great system, let’s look at what you actually get, what you’ll learn, and a couple things about the system that actually weren’t all that great.

So here’s the thing, there really haven’t been too many good or bad programs specifically about getting a girlfriend released in the PUA or ‘seduction community.’ There certainly are more than a few mainstream books on the topic, but as you probably already know mainstream dating advice (like the kind of experts who go on Oprah) is almost all completely worthless.

Inside the girlfriend activation systemThose morons are still trying to tell guys to ‘get a girlfriend by being yourself’ and other such ridiculousness.

However, over the past few years Christian has put out some of the best products in the industry for helping guys to pick up women, text women, have solid inner game etc… All the basic stuff a guy needs to know to be a swinging bachelor.

But his other material has never really delved too deeply into the subject of girlfriends. It’s been more about sparking the initial attraction, getting her out on a date via text, inner game, etc.

So I for one was very curious to check out the Girlfriend Activation System.

Inside The Girlfriend Activation System

Christian’s new program teaches you what he calls a step by step approach for what to do at every interval, from getting her number to making her your girlfriend and having a relationship with her. He said that he used to feel like getting into a relationship with a girl was like a minefield because he never knew what he might do that would be a mistake that would ruin things, so he created this to help guys navigate through the mine field and take the right steps.

girlfriend activation system reviewThe whole thing is based on understanding a woman’s ‘obsession story.’ this is something powerful that I hadn’t heard about anywhere else and as I listened to what Christian said it explained some pretty interesting stuff (and I already consider myself somewhat of an expert on female psychology, so I am not easily impressed). Some of these idea may be a bit explicit, and if you are a prude you may find them shocking even. but if you are a prude I doubt that you would gravitate towards a program like this anyhow.

In addition to the new concepts about female desire and her ‘obsession story’ the program is also loaded with tactics and methods for what to do in various situations. It is comprehensive and includes info on everything like texting, how to get the first kiss and then of course a ton of how to get her into a relationship where she is totally committed to you.


1 – He made it for every guy.

Christian’s program says that it can teach any guy how to get an amazing girlfriend or wife, and that it can work both on a girl that you already know as well as on a girl that you just met. He even says that it will work for both guys who are starting from scratch working on their dating skills as well as guys who are looking to ‘level up’ and take their game to the next level. I was a bit skeptical of these claims because after all getting a girlfriend is different for different guys depending on their background and skill level. However, as I reviewed the program i found that his strategies really can be tailored to just about any background that you might be coming from. Particularly for older guys there is a lot of good stuff for you. And, as Christian points out his own girlfriend is ten years younger than him (and a model)

He says this is the same system he has used to date several women who are indeed models and Hollywood actresses.

2 – It covers a lot.

The program itself is very well put together and follows a logical progression. It covers a ton of subject matter, but thankfully it is all presented in an orderly way so that you can reference whatever section you might need specific help with. Whatever stage of the game you are at…

  • How to be the obvious and best choice for her
  • The right mindset to have a great girlfriend
  • How to meet her and build some attraction
  • How to build some romance dating her and and going from dating to girlfriend.

He also talks about some things that guys need to avoid that kill attraction that I have not heard about elsewhere (and they make sense) And there is some incredible texting stuff and stuff on how to get women to approach you.


1 – I think that this program will only appeal to a select portion of the PUA book buying public and not others.

If for example you are interested in more same night lay stuff, PUA tactics like the cube, peacocking etc… Like old school PUA stuff this will not be for you and this probably wouldn’t make a lot of sense to you. The thing like I mentioned is that Christian really isn’t a PUA at all, and there is a huge philosophical difference here. Christian’s stuff is more about how to be a charismatic man who women are naturally attracted to, and then he teaches much more subtle strategies for hooking up. (I should say though that ‘same night lays’ are still highly likely with this system, that’s just not the sole object here.)


Yes! The Girlfriend Activation System is the most highly recommended program for guys looking to get a girlfriend. Christian has proven himself again with this one. Also Christian legitimately sells out of his programs every time he launches something new so you should get this while it is available.