The Obsession Phrases That Will Make Him Yours

The Use of Obsession Phrases has become an overwhelmingly popular method that many women worldwide are using to attract men and make them want to commit and stay faithful for a lifetime.

Attraction, Desire, and Love from the man they want most are what many women are enjoying almost immediately after using 1 or all 12 obsession phrases.

These powerful Obsession Phrases were created by Kelsey Diamond to trigger a deep, emotional response in a man’s mind towards the woman who says them to him.

No matter what your personal situation, you can rest assured that most, if not all obsession phrases will work for you. Even if it seems hopeless to you right now.

Sound Weird? It won’t once you discover all 12 and understand how each of the obsession phrases works. So let’s take a look at all 12 obsession phrases and see how and why each one is so effective and how they may help you or at the very least get a real relationship education!

1. Monogamy Awakener Phrase

The monogamy awakener phrase is most effective on the guy who just won’t commit. In fact, this obsession phrase has proven to work well in almost any dating or relationship situation. The monogamy awakener phrase will make him see YOU as the only woman he ever wants to be with.

2. Everlasting Attraction Phrase

The everlasting attraction phrase actually is designed to take his emotions to new heights without him even knowing why. He will almost immediately begin to say things to you like, “I just love you so much” and “I can’t stop thinking about you”. The best part about the everlasting attraction phrase is women are reporting these same kind of results from their husbands that they have been married to for years.

3. Whiz-Bang Phrase

The whiz-bang phrase instills in his mind just how valuable you are to him. All men place a very high priority on anything the perceive as having value. Especially relationships. Once he hears the whiz-bang phrase he will start to see you as the most important person in his life that he never wants to lose.

4. Subconscious Bonding Phrase

The subconscious bonding phrase will literally force him to believe that you are his ultimate soul mate. Every man wants to feel secure in the fact that he is sharing his life with the one woman he is meant to be with. No matter how things look right now in your relationship, the subconscious bonding phrase will have him seeing you and your relationship in a new and fulfilling way.

5. Attraction Spinner Phrase

The attraction spinner phrase is perfect for the woman that feels she is being used. If you think he only sees you as a friend or someone he can just have fun with when he wants, the attraction spinner phrase will have him completely change his heart and mind toward you. He will begin to see you as the only woman he really wants to love and devote himself to.

6. Emotional Transparency Phrase

The emotional transparency phrase will make him think that you are the only woman on the planet the really “gets him” and truly understands him and his needs. Typically, the emotional transparency phrase will cause him to want to share with you his deepest thoughts and desires. Most men never do that. The benefit is that in the process, he will fall deeper and deeper in love with you.

7. Razzle Dazzle Phrase

The razzle dazzle phrase is kind of an odd name, but it is extremely powerful. The razzle dazzle phrase is designed to create a “mental addiction” to you in his mind. As all women know, men largely use the logical side of their brains when determining what they truly want. The power of the razzle dazzle phrase is it convinces his mind that he absolutely can’t live without you.

8. Permanent Obsession Phrase

The permanent obsession phrase is perfect for any woman who is fearful that her man may leave her for another woman. Once he hears you say the permanent obsession phrase, he will start to become “blind” to other women no matter how attractive or sexy they may be. The permanent obsession phrase will make it almost impossible for him to notice or have the desire to pursue any other women but you.

9. Monstrous Intrigue Phrase

The monstrous intrigue phrase is designed to reach the guy that is hot and cold in his relationship with you. Men’s behavior can be weird enough on the best of days, but when he treats his relationship like a yoyo it can destroy the good parts. The monstrous intrigue phrase will have him “running hot” towards your relationship almost 24/7. You will be amazed at the results.

10. Mutual Pleasure Phrase

The mutual pleasure phrase will have him jumping through hoops to please you. Once he hears the mutual pleasure phrase, he will place more importance on your needs then he will his own. Pleasing you will become an everyday part of his life. Seeing you respond to his new found generosity will only make him want to please you more in the future.

11. Secret Fantasy Phrase

The secret fantasy phrase will have you at the center of his personal sexual fantasies. Have you ever wondered WHO he was thinking about when you were intimate together? Worry no more because the secret fantasy phrase will have you as the star of every sexy movie that plays in his head. You will become the immediate and lasting object of all of his sexual desires. BONUS: After you use the secret fantasy phrase, get ready for the hottest sex imaginable!

12. Love Cocktail Phrase

The love cocktail phrase is ideal for having your EX do a complete 180 degree turn around and beg you to let him come back to you. He will not only want to come back to you but he will feel an overwhelming NEED to come back to you. The coolest part about the love cocktail phrase is that it works even if your ex has been gone for quite a while or is currently in a relationship with another woman.

Will These Obsession Phrases Work For You?

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