Unlock Her Legs Review

Unlock Her Legs ReviewI’ve been getting a number of guys asking me to do a full Unlock Her Legs Review. So, like always, I downloaded the product to test and see whether it’s legit. It was difficult to approach this without an unbiased view as the creators of this product, Rob Judge and Robby Rio, are also the developers of the much celebrated ‘magnetic messaging program’.

“Heck, maybe they are simply cashing in on the success of their previous program and this one is scam,” I thought. But after testing the product and conducting in-depth research, I can confidently tell you that Unlock Her Legs is a complete guide to getting the girlfriend of your dreams in bed with you. What’s more, it guarantees 100% effective results.

Who Is Unlock Her Legs For?

Unlock Her Legs is for all those men who have experienced a dispirited ego after being rejected by a girl consistently. It’s also a huge fit for men who are sick and tired of impressing ladies with no luck. The product is for any man who envies the bad guy who gets all the attention, love and sex from women they have always dreamed of getting to bed with.

Unlock Her Legs, helps you master how to naturally impress even that hard to win girl, arouse here desire to be with you, and get her to throw herself on you. In fact, by the time you are covering the last episode of unlock her legs, you will have learnt how to drive a relationship and become a sole getter of love, sex and thrill from the woman you have always dreamed of.

Unlock Her Legs Review; How it works

The Scrambler WorksThe program is grounded on the Scrambler technique. The technique provides guys with answers to all love stricken questions, ways of becoming powerful and hot and getting all the attention from girls without looking like jerks. With the scrambler technique, you will be able to attract any girl you wish.

The technique hinges on the fact that the secret to winning a girl’s attention is to make her want you and not the guys around you. As strange as this may sound, it is the secret and it works. The whole idea behind unlock her legs revolves around a concept called the chase reflex – if you can get her to chase you, then she will do anything you want her to.

The reason girls chase the cool guys is that they are out of reach. Girls love drama, and they love being the star in it. What the scrambler technique does is creating a snowball effect allowing men to take full control of relationships and play with the girl.

How the Scrambler technique works.

The scrambler technique focuses on 4 main principles to attain the Chase Reflex and consequently the snowball effect that it creates. These are;

1. Uncertainty and its effects on relationships; Women love mystery. They crave for it, and if you tell them every bitchy detail of your life and how much you are in love with her, that is where you have been messing things up. With this first technique, Bobby Rio will teach you how you should move a girl in a way that drives you towards sleeping with her.

2.Power and how to change the focus from her to you: The second technique involve learning how to effectively call shots in a relationship; learning how to take her powers away and get her to look upon you and want to impress you. With this second technique, Rio will train you how to turn on the sexual switch of that hot girl.

3. Make Her Want Your Validation: The 3rd technique in the Scrambler entails making a woman want your validation. Make her crave it and see how thrill comes back to your life. Thrill is better enjoyed if you are the one driving the relationship, and with this technique you will learn exactly how to achieve this.

4. Anticipate: A girl who anticipates you will give her body to you sooner than you expect. The last step in the scrambler entails getting her to anticipate every single thing you do, driving her crazy and making her come running to you.

What is inside Unlock Her Legs?

unlock her legs system
In addition to the main guide that details out how scrambler technique works, the program also focuses on the right gestures, mindset and facial expression you need to possess to become irresistible to girls. The guide also comes with 6 bonuses;

  • Invisible escalation
  • She is sending you signal.
  • The boyfriend destroyer Process
  • The magnetic effects pattern
  • Here erogenous Zone
  • 12 conversations that will make a girl fall deeply in love

Unlock Her Legs Review – Pros

  • The biggest pro of using this program is that it guarantees 100% effectiveness in helping you win the girl you have always wanted to win. Provided you follow the program, she will finally fall for your charms, and you can direct the relationship whichever way you want it to go.
  • In addition to aiding you get the girl you have always wanted in bed, the program teaches you a lot more especially on the topic of women psychology. This can assist you improve your current relationship and even relate with the girl in your life better.
  • The book also gives you more control over your relationship. Once you have won her, it gives you the freedom to choose whether she will be only a casual sex partner or go deeper and make her your girlfriend.
  • Finally, all the tricks and tips offered in the program are based on sound research and scientific facts. This ensures that whenever you use what is offered in the program, the outcome will always be positive.

Unlock Her Legs – Cons

As far as our testing of the product is concerned, it has no major demerits. The only thing that is worth noting is that the program is based on training. So, it will take a little time for you to learn the art of making girls come chasing you. Otherwise, the product is awesome.


Based on our Unlock Her Legs review, we can confidently tell that it works. Rio and Rob are two famous dating coaches with proven to work dating and relationship programs for men. I confidently endorse this program for any man who wants to win the girl of his dreams.

What’s more, it only costs $79. Just follow the link below and download the program. After getting the results, remember to comeback and share your story with us. We are eagerly waiting to share in your success.